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Néad Chair, a rotund embrace

An impactful lounge chair upholstered in a wide corduroy velvet. The pleated detail and rounded leg brings an element of refinement to the large area of the Néad chair.

Available in 1 size

    • Length: 119 cm / 46.9 in
    • Depth: 92 cm / 36.2 in
    • Height: 74.6 cm / 29.4 in
    • Seat hight: 48 cm / 18.9 in
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Néad Chair

Designed to engulf the sitter.

Named after the Irish word for “Nestle,” the Néad collection was designed to engulf the sitter. The distinct arm design, which envelops the user, mirrors the nestling action encouraged by both the chair and sofa.

Taking inspiration from the 1970’s, the decade that Orior was founded, the Néad collection pays homage to the generational roots of upholstery upon which the family business was originally established.