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Reo Table, organic forms combined.

Available in a variety of Orior stones the Reo table base is hand polished into this unique shape. Recycled Irish crystal forms the top of the table which is melted and then cast into this translucent surface.

Available in 1 size

    • Length: 47.8 cm / 18.8 in
    • Depth: 58.4 cm / 23.0 in
    • Height: 47 cm / 18.5 in
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The Reo Table

A curvaceous side table, masquerading as a sculpture

A combination of two raw materials, the Reo boasts a unique stone base and Irish Crystal top. The voluptuous, organic shape of the stone creates a sculptural pedestal for the solid crystal.

Each Reo top is cast individually, creating a frozen bubble-like detail that brings a natural texture to the underside of the top, and continues to push the fluid shape of the Reo silhouette.

Available in Orior’s hand picked Irish and International stones the Reo table provides an eclectic introduction into the collection. Designed in 2021 as was part of Orior’s exploration into Irish Crystal, continuing to push the locally sourced materials.