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Vert Chair, transition in curves

The Vert Chair took shape by translating design elements from the Palm Desk and transferring this language into a dining chair. Taking the characteristics of its rounded edges, leather inlay and waterfall effect, the inspiration for this piece is subtle yet distinctive. A main feature of this design is the continuous curvature from the seat all the way through to the legs, a seamless transition facilitated by the use of Orior's thick hide leather. The addition of a textured Maharam fabric to the chair’s back gives contrast to the smooth leather seat and fluid curves. Orior’s keen eye for detail is apparent through the three brass pins that secure the leather inlay to the seat section.

Available in 1 size

    • Length: 48.3 cm / 19.0 in
    • Depth: 53.3 cm / 21.0 in
    • Height: 86.3 cm / 34.0 in
    • Seat hight: 45.7 cm / 18.0 in
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