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Meet The Maker - Pedar Jackson

Published on 23 May 2019

As an example of Orior’s exceptional commitment to long-standing relationships with its craftsmen, Pedar Jacksons truly stands out.
Pedars using his 35 years of experience in upholstering sofas and chairs

“To see the finished products that we make gives me the most job satisfaction”, he muses. “It takes us roughly one day to three days to make a typical sofa, with about three craftsmen working on it.”

Pedar’s own personal specialty would be deep buttoning a sofa: “I can do that fairly quickly and efficiently”, he smiles. "The Florence sofa probably takes the most time just for the fact that it has so many deep buttons. Everyone at Orior quickly realizes how much time and care goes in to make a piece at the high standards both us and our clients expect".

With his 39-year-old son by his side, Pedar and Neil is a wonderful instance of Orior’s larger trans-generational modus operandi.

Neil also works at Orior as an upholsterer. “It’s brilliant to be able to transfer my expertise, Neil has been working here since he was 16 and it's been great to have watched him perfect his craft ”, Pedar concludes.

Pedar upholstering the underside of The Atlanta Sofa