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Todd DiCiurcio

Published on 23 Apr 2020

An artist with all his love to give, on the Jersey Shore

Todd DiCiurcio is the kind of guy that makes you feel like you've been pals for years, after spending an afternoon together. His wife Megs is a warm, glowy light-beam in human form. The love they share with each other is palpable. You can tell instantly that it's pure, kind and big.

Todd, a New York City artist, is most known for his mixed media drawings based off live musical performances. The couple has spent 20 years living in Brooklyn, but in recent years they've been continuously drawn back to Ocean City (on the Jersey Shore), where they both spent summer vacations as kids. Now, they split their time between both worlds, but weekends are always spent at the beach. Todd is an avid surfer and Megs, Vice President of Entertainment PR for Tommy Hilfiger, loves to cultivate and nurture her garden. Their cats, Buddy Miles Davis Jr. and Ella Vanilla Fitzgella, have even permanently taken up the Jersey address.

Their shore-adjacent home is comprised of a mix of original details and summertime nostalgia, quirky beachy elements, iconic memorabilia from the couple's life together, and Todd's art. The space is uniquely their own, truly in every way, from the well-loved antique sofas to the turquoise resin toilet seat (with sea shells!). Todd even painted the dining room ceiling to mimic the sky on a sunny day, per Megs' request. Upstairs is Todd's studio — out back, the shed is packed with hand-painted surfboards.

Q: How did you get into art and is there anything that influenced your specific style?

A: I believe drawing is the truth- you can’t fuck up a drawing without someone noticing. Purist as it is, it’s what grounds me to emotional expression through mark making, saying the most with the least. I feel like I’m just a vehicle who’s been down some roads.

Q: Who is the most famous person* to whom you've sold a painting?

A: There are so many interpretations of what "famous" means. That said, a collector of mine who I have great respect for is Tommy Hilfiger. If you’re fortunate enough to get 5 minutes with the man, just listening will take you and your work to new heights. A brilliant creative and sharing soul.

This life is just attitude and perception.

Working for Tommy, Megs is endlessly inspired by him, and happy to be a part of a fashion house that is chic and ahead of the trends, but also shows compassion through the generosity of their foundation, which supports sustainability, diversity, inclusivity and family. She loves it and collaborates with so many talented people. Every day is exciting and fun for her!

*note: Todd has worked with Broken Social Scene, The Rolling Stones, Portugal The Man, Cage The Elephant, Blondie, Morrissey, and Broadway shows such as Sweeney Todd and In The Heights (among others)

Q: How do you decompress?

A: It’s an ongoing effort to surround ourselves and others with love. We live to get out on the water. The ocean is truly the calm to our nature.

On the spirit side, for Megs it’s a glass of chilled New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and a garden hose to water the garden she created. For me a sip of Solento organic tequila served neat and vinyl.

Q: What's a typical weekend look like?

A: Quiet as kept, painting, herding two cats, cooking, surfing and restoring our old home. The weekday is the weekend of champions.

Q: How has The Pop integrated into your home?

A: I use my pop chair exclusively as a think cloud, staring thru my work, spinning on axis, always finding new dimensions to explore.

This interview was conducted in October 2019.